Joel Patterson


Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez with George Brantley live at Caffe Lena 17:40

Celebrating the forty six years since George sang on the original “Cry Baby Cry” and the place that record has taken in the legacy of modern soul music.

Maurizio at the Brunswick BBQ & Brew 12:55

Live in concert on April 11, 2014, a medley: “Sell Me Down the River,” “Sugarcane” and “I Shot the Sheriff.”

Apr 9

One minute forty seconds with Urban Gumbo 1:40

From their triumphant show at Pauley’s Hotel in Albany on December 20, 2013

Mar 7

Troy Night Out February 2014 25:02

Keith Pray’s Soul Jazz Revival (minus Keith), Ben Karis-Nix, C. C. Vagabonds, & Lastdayshining.

Mar 7

Lastdayshining playing an after-hours concert at Troy Cloth & Paper, Troy NY 6:49

Recorded by Joel Patterson Mountaintop Studios Petersburgh NY 518-658-9549